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Wow, nice to finally be up and running again

So, after about a year without writing on Im finally ready with my new site.

When i started wpahead about two years ago, I did it because I felt I had so much knowledge to share. I've been working as a web developer for the last fifteen years or so, and I wanted to give back to the community.

It took me about 5 posts to realise how sick I was about WordPress, and I soon realised that to keep the intrest up enough to spend hours on writing, I need to write about something that really exites me.

So i decided to ditch WordPress, which I know almost everything about, and start focusing on new stuff instead. That way i could both educate and learn at the same time.

Jamstack & front-end focus

This time, I will write about my two favourite topics which are both very related - front-end development & design.

My interest for the JAM-stack, SSGs and serverless functions has really kicked of in the last couple of years, and I'm now at a point where i feel comfortable to talk about it.

So, what better way to start this of than building a new site.

Before building this site I was torn about what to use, Nuxt or Gridsome, my two favourite Vue-frameworks. At the time being Nuxt had not realeased their new static features, and i decided to go with Gridsome since it's simpler to get up and running. Also I did just recently complete Jamdocs, a docs theme for Gridsome. If I was to chose today I would probably pick Nuxt, just to learn the new static mode.

So whats the plan

I would say this site is about 80% finished. I just had to get it out so i decided to push. So the plan now is to make the site a bit nicer and create a lot more content. I will write about front-end related topics, and make useful open-source projects.

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